Welcome to Fit For Duty Clothier

I started my law enforcement career as a local police officer and then became a federal law enforcement officer. When I transitioned from a uniform to plain clothes it became apparent that I had very few options for business suits.

I wondered why men’s suits almost always came with inside pockets but for women, not at all. Women are at the mercy of fashion trends. Will jackets be shorter and tailored at the waist? Will pants still be without belt loops and useful pockets?

As a woman, I had to improvise and purchase jackets in a larger size to have tailored. At 5’4” tall, I was able to have a tailor take the extra length in the hem of my pants to make belt loops. Finding business suits with the necessary features was a problem my entire career.

Now that I’ve retired, it’s time.

It’s time to give female law enforcement officers business suits which provide functional fashion, so you can focus on what you do best in comfort and style. Let us support you in your job with the right Fit for Duty.